Mincron SmartWare

Mincron SmartWare provides a single, affordable solution for managing your entire business from sales and customer relationships to operations and accounting. With SmartWare, your business can streamline operations, act on timely and complete information, and accelerate profitable growth.

SmartWare is the result of over 25 years of our continuous re-investment in technology that supports the distributor, design center, and manufacturers' reps business models found in plumbing, HVAC/R, waterworks, PVF, irrigation, roofing, building and flooring industries.

SmartWare is a single, comprehensive solution that provides functionality for every process you need to operate your business. Unlike generic software solutions, SmartWare supports integrated industry-specific functionality, encompassing sales, inventory, warehousing, logistics, purchasing, operations and financials.


SmartDistributor Core Solution

SmartDistributor is a flexible, Windows-based system that provides mission-critical tools for the efficient and effective management, monitoring, and analysis of all facets of a distribution business. With integrated information-rich applications and powerful business information processing, reporting and analysis, SmartDistributor improves efficiency and productivity throughout your business. Designed with wholesaling businesses and end users in mind, SmartDistributor provides easy point-and-click navigation with a Windows-based interface and all-in-one screen “workbench” design. Powerful search and drill down capabilities allow for immediate information retrieval and access to the data you and your employees need every day.

SmartDistributor flexibly fits your business, allowing for multi-company transaction processing with built-in features and functionality in all SmartDistributor applications. It’s highly scalable and comprehensively supports distribution businesses of all sizes and usage levels: branch, division, region, corporate and enterprise. Mission critical components and capabilities include the following:

Order Entry

  • Powerful customer service features within order entry, including:
    • Existence checking
    • Last sale inquiry
    • Substitute and associated item visibility
    • Ability to sell in multiple units of measure and pre-set reference items for upselling
  • Manage all customer needs in one transaction for multiple branches, direct shipments, and branch transfers
  • Full support for charge, cash and walk-in customers, including deposits
  • Flexible order types, which fulfill material based on customer timing
  • Reserved order processing including ship-complete options
  • Larger contract orders tracking for release of product while eliminating need to reserve inventory
  • Job lot processing
  • All-encompassing job processing and tracking tools, including managing lien rights, collections and cash application
  • Open order expediting for proactive order management
  • Streamlined cash sales options
  • Pricing control to minimize price overrides and maximize gross margins
  • Quick Google-like product, customer and vendor searches
  • Serial number tracking
  • Hazardous material tracking
  • Printing, faxing and emailing sales order acknowledgements and invoices
  • Intelligent bid processing, which can be released to contract orders or regular orders
  • Modern workbench technology, which encompasses all sales functions in one place
  • Strategic quoting application with robust functionality
  • Robust RGA (Return Goods Authorization) interfaced to returns and warranty claims


  • Comprehensive strategic pricing hierarchy
  • Flexible pricing and costing at order, bid, contract and job levels
  • Strategic discounting based on customer pricing sensitivity
  • Regional vendor price sheets
  • Selling-based rebate tracking
  • Price Sheets can be loaded prior to effective dates
  • Automatic price sheet uploads from vendor files
  • Separate selling/purchasing effective dates on price sheets
  • Promotional pricing for monthly specials, discontinued items, or any promotion
  • Gross profit monitoring at multiple levels

Inventory Management (Replenishment) and Purchasing

  • Flexible inventory replenishment methodology
    • Supports multiple methods of purchase
    • Process recommended orders based on buying frequency
    • Pre-price increase alerts with automatic order quantity adjustments
    • Promotes and allows for transferring surplus quantity
    • Future purchases allow you to set and adjust ordering targets and schedule trends based on manufacturer requirements
    • Vendor and line discounts
  • Service level calculations at vendor, buyer, product group and item levels
  • Buyer performance analysis
  • Vendor fill rates and lead time calculations
  • Vendor performance report card
  • Seasonal item processing availability
  • Online real-time backorder and low stock processing
  • Fully integrated vendor returns system
  • Dead stock reporting
  • Centralized ordering and stocking of multi-branch inventory
  • Strategic replenishment for multiple branches to minimize inventory and maximize service levels
  • Lost Sales included in demand calculations affecting replenishment
  • Intelligent monitoring and filtering of transactions that effect inventory replenishment and stock levels
  • Comprehensive vendor program-based rebate tracking based on vendor terms
  • Buyer Assistant tool consolidates all pertinent product information on one screen to make fast and accurate replenishment decisions
  • Full back-order control and management
  • Auto-fill of backorder and cross-dock of material at time of receipt
  • Order allocation allows for optimization of warehouse space
  • Item ranking based on velocity, cost and margin

Inventory Control

  • Real-time stock status quantities with drill-down capability to any transaction
  • Ability to track stocking items, non-stocking items, and special order items
  • Full visibility into non-stock item tracking
  • Comprehensive analysis of branch item performance, including ABC, GMROI, service levels and turn earn ratios
  • Unlimited multiple units of measures for all items
  • Substitute items, associated items, combination items and multiple aliases for each item
  • Lot number and serial number tracking
  • Superseded items for handling new model #s, discontinued, and overstock items via transition from old to new item
  • Physical inventory and cycle counting
  • Weighted average cost tracking and ledger by branch item
  • Weighted average freight calculated by branch item
  • Weighted average rebate calculated by branch item
  • Hazardous material tracking

Sales Analysis

  • Sophisticated customer contribution margin performance
  • Activity-Based Costing (ABC) analysis, for customer contribution to the bottom line
  • Comprehensive sales analysis at every level: company, division, region, branch, product group and salesperson
  • Real-time daily, monthly and yearly sales calculations and comparisons
  • Sales analysis tracking by salesperson, order-writer, branch and company

General Ledger

  • Automatic and real-time G/L postings for all system-generated transactions
  • Robust comprehensive inquiry and drill-down in multiple directions
  • Flexible accounting periods and closing dates
  • Ability to close and re-open accounting periods
  • Comprehensive budgeting by company/branch/department/account
  • Ability to post to G/L by product group
  • Separate G/L accounts for stock, non-stock and direct inventory
  • Accurate capture of Weighted Average Cost and accurate inventory values by capturing any type of variance
  • Multi-company processing with consolidated and combined financials
  • Financial report writer with MS Excel export capabilities
  • Manual, standard, recurring and reversing journal entries
  • Journal entry import from MS Excel spreadsheets

Accounts Receivable

  • Job payment processing and tracking
  • Job lien notification and tracking, including lien right dates and last shipment
  • Collections-driven online credit management and notification system
  • Real-time credit limit checking with immediate hold and release options
  • Daily reconciliation and analysis of cash, deposits and credit card payments
  • Elimination of cash entry on cash sales with direct-to-bank
  • Service charge invoice processing based on payment terms
  • Flexible multiple payment terms
  • Printing, faxing, and emailing of invoices, statements and service charges
  • Easy-to-use deposit processing for special orders and showroom sales
  • Robust, fully-integrated cash application module
  • Electronic batch application from back records
  • Customer enterprise-level for those with multiple bill-to and ship-to locations
  • Daily Edit List increases gross margins and provides ultimate accuracy and eliminates re-bills
  • Track average days to pay and days sales outstanding by customer
  • Invoice export list capability ideal for import to QuickBooks™ or MS Excel

Accounts Payable

  • Real-time full integration with all other applications
  • Vendor invoice download capability
  • Automatic matching of A/P invoice to PO receiver
  • Vendor return disposition types including credit memo matching
  • Direct A/P invoices auto-bill customer’s invoice including freight
  • EDI receiving of vendor invoices eliminates errors
  • Fully functional and comprehensive A/P Invoice entry
  • Reduction in invoice entry and check processing
  • Alternate vendor functionality for paying different vendor or buying group
  • Real-time online cash requirements with ability to hold vendor or invoice
  • Bi-directional inquiry drill down between invoices and checks
  • ACH Payment and draft payment processing

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Complementary Applications

With a singular focus on your success, Mincron provides industry-focused and capability-specific solutions to make sure your ERP distribution solution drives your business growth utilizing the newest technologies. Mincron offers a full range of proprietary Complementary Applications that maximize the power of your SmartDistributor ERP Core Solution. Designed to take full advantage of comprehensive features and functionality of SmartDistributor, this wide range of Mincron-developed products gives you the flexibility to customize fully interoperable solutions.



Whether you have a warehouse with 5,000 square feet or a distribution center with more than a million, the fundamental challenges are the same. You need to ship orders with accuracy, deliver them fast and keep precise inventory records. StockSmart is a full-featured warehouse management system that will help to automate warehouse workloads, minimize business disruptions, and enable management to react and swiftly respond when customer demands necessitate change. With StockSmart you can achieve 99.9% inventory accuracy in items and dollars, and helps you make full use of available space, equipment, and personnel.


What if you could eliminate shipping and receiving errors? What if you could quickly train non-experienced warehouse personnel to handle picking tasks while freeing up experienced personnel to handle tougher issues? What if you could receive in any defined unit of measure and reduce delays in product availability? Reduction in data entry errors and increased inventory accuracy and visibility can be a reality. With ScanSmart, you can improve customer service and shipping accuracy with real-time updates all via wireless technology.


To compete in today’s marketplace, distributors must look to solutions that offer value to the products they distribute. Mincron’s FabSmart solution provides you with the ability to gain a new source of revenue and increase your customer service by providing make-to-order, assemble-to-order and engineer-to order services. Items such as kits or combinations can be sold by offering assembly at your warehouse, products can be fabricated based on regional specification sheets, grade of raw materials can be refined, and metals can be fabricated all while the system tracks the processes and costs associated with the fabricated items. Take the guesswork out of your light manufacturing and discover how Mincron’s solution can work for you!

WebSmart (B2B)

Right now, companies just like yours are selling millions of dollars of goods and services via e-business relationships. WebSmart (B2B) can take you there with feature-rich applications designed in collaboration with wholesale distributors to offer web-based customer service and order management functions required of wholesale distributors. WebSmart (B2B) integrates in real-time with SmartDistributor allowing your customers to access the information they need round-the-clock without intervention from your staff. Empower your customers to view their order status, item history or invoice history in real-time and in a fully secured environment. Increase your sales revenue and expand market share by offering order management and rapid order-replenishment methods over the Internet.

WebSmart (B2C)

Increase your reach and market share by selling directly to consumers. WebSmart (B2C) provides a standardized website for consumers to search and place orders through our secure online credit card processing system.


Customer service app: Empower your field service reps with mobile app access to product and customer information and real-time order entry. Real-time order entry and status inquiry takes the power of your ERP system to the streets. Click-to-call or click-to-text features, maps and driving directions help improve customer communication, productivity and efficiency. Fast product search with custom pricing and imagery gives your reps the info they need to deliver quality service anytime, anywhere.

Inventory Replenishment App: Give your customers the ability to perform real-time job scheduling and inventory usage tracking. Wireless barcode scanning of inventory as it is used keeps product levels current with easy automated inventory replenishment capabilities. Your customers can generate on-demand job and order summaries as needed.


Improve productivity and “go green” at the same time! ImageSmart is a completely integrated electronic document storage and retrieval system that can help you achieve a paperless office. It allows you to convert delivery tickets, AP invoices and customer-related paper documents into digital files for retrieval directly from the SmartDistributor Core Solution. Going paperless also offers a higher level of disaster preparedness – because electronic files don’t burn, spoil or tear.


SigSmart allows for the capture of a customer’s signature when product is either delivered to them by the wholesale distributor or or when they put material up at the wholesale distributors’ counter. When capturing a signature, additional order information can be captured and entered remotely at the time of delivery such as Job Number, Job Name, Customer P.O. Number, a quantity change and notes. All of this information is loaded into the core SmartDistributor ERP system to be used in processing the order and inquiring on the order.


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the electronic interchange of business information using a standardized format. In other words, EDI is a process that allows one company to send information to another company electronically rather than with paper. Many businesses today transmit documents such as invoices and orders electronically rather than producing and distributing them manually, making it possible to minimize or even eliminate the manual steps involved thus saving time and money. EDI has been transforming the way businesses are conducted for many years. It strengthens supplier relations, increases sales by improving your responsiveness to customers, and reduces cost associated with paper, postage and manual processing costs. EDISmart facilitates the sending and receiving of your EDI files through SmartDistributor.


Consigned inventory is inventory that is in possession of a customer but is still owned by the distributor, and ownership of the inventory only transfers to the customer after it has been sold. Tracking consigned inventory manually is often a time-consuming and inaccurate process. ConsignSmart allows you to efficiently manage your customer consignment programs by providing tools that allow you to easily scan or enter counts for product that is consigned at a customer location. Invoices are then created seamlessly in SmartDistributor to bill the customer for the sold product and then inventory is automatically replenished to agreed-upon levels.


DMISmart (Distributor Managed Inventory) allows wholesale distributors to use their inventory management knowledge and skills with the advanced Inventory Management algorithms in Mincron’s core SmartDistributor product to to manage their customers’ inventory as a highly valuable service. The benefit to them is improved service to their customers and a level of exclusivity to customers’ product needs as the wholesale distributor becomes the sole source for procurement. The benefit to the customer is that it’s all done automatically, allowing the customer to allocate resources to other areas of their business.


VMISmart (Vendor Managed Inventory) allows vendors to manage a wholesale distributor’s inventory. The vendor utilizes advanced Inventory Management algorithms in Mincron’s SmartDistributor to manage their customers - wholesale distributors - inventory as a highly valuable service. All of this is done via EDI and by automated processes that gather and exchange information between the wholesale distributor’s core SmartDistributor system and the Vendor’s ERP system.

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SmartPartner Third Party Interfaces

Mincron offers a broad scope of valuable options for interfacing with third party systems. Our SmartPartner Applications consist of flexible Mincron Connect Interfaces that connect you to select third party partner applications via your SmartDistributor Core Solution. Mincron has developed these interfaces to further extend the power of SmartDistributor and supply you with enhanced mission-critical functions to support your business processes.

Curbstone Connect

Credit Card Processing Interface

Mincron’s Credit Card Processing Interface to Curbstone provides seamless payment card processing integration with Mincron’s SmartDistributor Core Solution WebSmart (B2B/B2C). Curbstone can cut processing fees, shrink the reconciliation process, improve reporting, and deliver much faster authorizations for better (and speedier) service for your customers. It completely removes the storage of sensitive card information from merchant systems while retaining full, real-time access to it for processing purposes. In doing this, it also reduces the cost and effort required to achieve PCI compliance and provides excellent 24x7x365, US-based support.

Billtrust Connect

Billing Service Interface

Mincron’s Billing Service Interface offers an alternative to labor-intensive internal billing and costly mailing equipment. You’ll connect your SmartDistributor Core Solution to a complete billing service including mail, fax, email and online billing. Also provided is a customer care center for online viewing of statements and online payment.


SMP Connect

CRM Prospect Handling & BI Tools Interface

Mincron’s CRM Prospect Handling & BI Tools Interface expands the CRM capabilities of your SmartDistributor Core Solution with advanced prospect management tools and cost effective access to built-in BI tools and analytics. SMP Integrated Sales Management Software is cloud-based and designed for wholesale distribution.


IntelliChief Connect

Document Management & Workflow Interfaces

Mincron’s Document Management & Workflow Interface gives you highly integrated IntelliChief tools. IntelliChief FastFax is a powerful TCP/IP faxing engine providing you with a reliable, paperless solution for enterprise faxing. It eliminates the need for printing and then faxing documents using a fax machine. FastFax seamlessly integrates with the entire line of Mincron solutions to fax-enable all your business documents. IntelliChief Formtastic is an advanced client-based design tool that converts spool text into precisely placed copy creating digital documents. IntelliChief Document Imaging allows for advanced document imaging and workflow. Highly integrated with your SmartDistributor Core Solution, you can and attach any business document or attach files to documents and you’ll manage documents through workflow control with output management and document distribution. With increased security and centralized document retention, processes are Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA compliant.


Schmitt ProfiTools Connect

Pricing Analyzer Interface & Web Catalog Content Interfaces

Manage your product pricing competitively, aggressively and cost effectively with Mincron’s Pricing Analyzer Interface to Schmitt Pricing Management. You’ll easily maintain price information, discounts and multipliers from suppliers. Upload prices and cost to your SmartDistributor Core Solution and download all pricing and product information into Schmitt’s Pricing Management tool. Analyze or forecast profitability by product, product line, branch, customer, or on a company-wide basis. Mincron’s Web Catalog Content Interfaces maintain all product-related content in one place and use it for print or digital publishing including online format ideal for use with Mincron’s WebSmart (B2B/B2C) and customized Web catalogs for your customers.

ANX Connect

FTP EDI Interface

Mincron’s FTP EDI Interface is a store-and-forward mail boxing system connecting you to your trading partners via the Internet (FTP/SFTP). Standard EDI documents are provided for quick and easy start up.  FTP EDI is cost-effective since it eliminates the fixed and per-transaction fees and is a perfect solution for companies that do not have EDI expertise in-house.


Inovis Connect

Advanced EDI Interface

Mincron’s Advanced EDI Interface to the Inovis/GXS TrustedLink cloud-based solution provides standard EDI documents with mapping capabilities. Innovis Connect is a perfect solution for companies that have in-house EDI expertise and high volume EDI transactions.


Varsity Connect

Mincron’s Shipping Management Interface is a fully integrated, parcel-shipping system. It automates all aspects of shipment processing. Simply enter the order number and Varsity retrieves the ship-to name and address, PO number, ship-via specs and more. Varsity even makes your accounting department more efficient by automatically updating orders with freight charges and tracking information so you can invoice orders immediately after they’re shipped. Mincron’s Freight Management Interface automates the weigh, rate and label functions for LTL or truckload and allows you to coordinate the pre-shipment load planning process for inbound and outbound freight.


Roadnet Connect

GPS Tracking & Routing Interface

Mincron’s GPS Tracking & Routing Interface allows you to create optimized daily routes using Roadnet’s powerful algorithms and street-level routing. Improve your customer service with instant knowledge and analysis of routes via the Roadnet Info Center. View and track real-time driver location and get alerts for unplanned stops or route path deviations in MobileCast. Discover optimal loading patterns for multiple route times with Fleetloader, and prevent injury and insurance claims by monitoring risky driving behavior with Roadnet Telematics.  Calculate new customer impact and easily add new stops while keeping costs and delivery times low with Territory Planner.


Mincron’s ScanSmart and StockSmart applications rely on accurate data to maximize the efficiency of your inventory management process. To achieve this goal, RACO has partnered with Mincron to provide hardware solutions from industry leaders like Zebra, Honeywell, Datalogic, and AML for mobile scanning and barcode printing. RACO also provides the labels, ribbons, and support services that are crucial to the long-term implementation of any data collection system.

To ensure that your solution is optimized for your unique business needs, RACO technicians will also perform a Site Survey of your warehouse facility’s wireless infrastructure. The end result is the seamless integration of the best available Wi-Fi hardware and support services with Mincron’s software -- all at a highly competitive price point.

From start to finish, RACO Industries is the one-stop source for all of your data collection needs.


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