K8 – Integrated ERP built for the distributive trades

Increasing competition and rapid technology advancements require companies to shift to ever more advanced business management solutions. At Mincron, our enterprise-wide software applications meet those demands. Our software gives your business the ability to maximize control of your inventory and operations, and to better serve your customers. The application is ideal for distributors, manufacturers, wholesalers, and large retailers who need quick order entry procedures, tight control over inventory, visibility of operations, and accurate financial tracking. In addition to these features, Mincron offers an extensive integrated warehousing management system, comprehensive data and sales analysis, as well as 24-hour ordering access for your customers.


"We can’t stress enough that K8 is a system for builders’ merchants - the perfect fit! The great thing about it is that there is scope for us to take its capabilities further."

Morne Nell, Retail Systems Manager, F H Chamberlain



One Integrated Solution

Innovative, flexible supply channels are essential for distributive trade companies looking for a sustainable future in today’s dynamic market. K8 can support you across your business through a wide selection of inclusive software modules. Each module integrates seamlessly into the trading and business management platform, enabling you to control every aspect of finance, trading, logistics, and management.



K8 is used by many distributive trade customers, large and small – across the world. K8 can support you if you are running a small business from a single shop; and equally support you if you have several distribution centers, a network of showrooms and an internet trading hub. From two users to several thousand – K8 will support you growing your business no matter the size.

Flexible – Your Business, Your Way

You will want to run your business your way and K8 can be configured to match your requirements. From the choice of which modules to use, to how the system and dashboards are set-up, and who has access to what functionality, it can all be configured within K8. You can chose what you want to see and where, ensuring your team are always focused on the task at hand.

K8 – On-premise or in the Cloud

For even greater flexibility and scalability, K8 can be deployed on-premise (on your hardware) or hosted in our cloud – K-cloud. Our cloud solution supports your growth so you need never worry about restrictions due to hardware performance. We also take all the day-to-day hassle out of managing your K8 system and over a range of disaster recovery and business continuity options.

Source, Stock, Sell, Service

All of the modules within K8 have been developed for the distributive trade and support you in the key tasks of sourcing, stocking, selling and servicing.





Sales processing speed and accuracy are key when serving customers in any busy trading environment – whether over the phone, over the counter or online. Our experts have brought their personal knowledge and experience of the distributive trades to create K8 Sales Order Processing Software, designed by specialists for your business.

K8 Sales Order Processing software enhances customer service through speed and accuracy, makes it quick and easy to identify product and customer, and provides a wealth of information at your fingertips. This is sales order processing software which can help to secure future sales through its efficiency.



Controlled stock levels lie at the heart of any healthy business, so you can optimize cash and margins while fulfilling customer orders and expectations. Our experts have brought their personal knowledge and experience of the distributive trades to create K8 Purchase Order Control, designed by specialists for your business.



Created by our team of experts who have both knowledge and experience of the distributive trades, K8 Management Software is designed to help you stay in control. We understand the crucial importance of controlling stock and order levels for financial optimization to help deliver excellent customer service. Without stock control systems, keeping track of these elements can be challenging.

Our stock management software and order management software allows businesses to keep tight control over their stock, sales, purchases, movements and replenishments from head office, branch locations and warehouses. The vital data about stock levels is easily accessed, interpreted and utilized with the K8 Stock Management Software; allowing your organization to gain tight margin control and have full visibility.



Tight finance accounting management software is key to success in any business and crucial for fast-moving distributive trades that need to stay flexible, customer-focused and in control. Our experts have brought their personal knowledge and experience of the sector to create K8 Financials, designed by specialists for your business.

K8 offers fully integrated finance accounting management software which reduces costs by maximizing the efficiency of transaction processing and reduces business risk by allowing tighter supply and stock management. The system provides financial management solutions which help to understand customer needs and profit from those needs.



The K8 system business intelligence software is tailor-made, delivering business intelligence solutions that help management analyze, assess and adapt in order to achieve targets.

Monitoring business performance using timely and accurate information is a key priority for decision makers in the fast-moving distributive trades. Our experts have brought their personal knowledge and experience of the sector to create K8 Business Intelligence software, designed by specialists for your business.



Our experts have brought their personal knowledge and experience of the sector to create K8 CRM software solutions, designed by specialists for your business. Getting close to your customers is key to providing competitive service levels and growing the business through existing and new accounts.

K8 CRM software solutions provide greater understanding of your target market. CRM software helps you to improve communication with customers and enables the sharing of data internally about customers, prospects and suppliers. K8 CRM software solutions ultimately increase productivity and helps to boost sales.



We understand that whatever products you supply, you will want a strong internet presence combined with full online trading facilities to ensure you are reaching the widest possible markets.

K8 is a dynamic, fully integrated ERP solution which can enhance your company’s online presence while boosting your e-trading. With K8 Web Builder, you can quickly deploy a fully integrated trading platform that will deliver immediate price and availability to your customers, with their pricing terms as you maintain them in K8! The site can be personalised, with pages and content added by you to ensure that you deliver the information that your customer needs. Customers can place orders and view and pay their account, enquire on order status and copy documents, whatever device they use to access the site (be that Smartphone, Tablet or PC).



We are experienced cloud computing service providers of the K-Cloud. Our range of services includes Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), hosting, data storage, hardware procurement and voice and data networks.

K-Cloud is the strategic tailored cloud computing software, whereby our customers can choose a range of services to outsource their infrastructure used to support their cloud computing software solutions. K-Cloud also includes the provision of other Value Added Services including bulk printing and postage.



K8 Enterprise gives you the tools you need to streamline and coordinate all of your business processes, from order entry functionality with user-definable product configuration, to production planning tools and full-featured accounting including payroll.

Whatever your manufacturing industry sector, K8 Enterprise has the flexibility to fulfil your ERP requirements with the proven capability to meet even the most complex of manufacturing environments and business needs.

With a focus on continuous improvement and lean strategies, K8 Enterprise delivers real-time visibility to detect and resolve manufacturing issues. K8 Enterprise allows you to concentrate on manufacturing products, with cost, quality, and regulatory management in mind.