Distribution ERP Solutions

To succeed in an uncertain economy with rapidly evolving technology, you must choose the ERP system and the software partner that’s right for your distribution business.

We take the time to get to know you and your business, and as a partner in your success, we put you at the forefront of everything we do. Our ERP software solutions are designed to meet and anticipate wholesalers’ needs. With Mincron, you’ll automate processes, increase sales, improve efficiency and productivity, and enhance customer service.

At the core of our SmartWare Solutions is SmartDistributor, a complete Windows-based system for wholesale distribution and ERP. Encompassing branch, region, division, corporate and enterprise level usage, SmartDistributor is highly scalable and comprehensively supports wholesaling businesses of all sizes. SmartDistributor consists of powerful tools that give you complete control over mission critical areas of your business:


  • Order Entry
  • Pricing
  • Inventory Management (Replenishment) and Purchasing
  • Inventory Control
  • Sales Analysis
  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable


SmartDistributor components work together to automate processes, centralize information, connect departments and optimize the efficiency of your business. Mincron offers a full range of proprietary Complementary Applications and SmartPartner Third Party Interfaces that extend the power of SmartDistributor to target your specific business needs and enable you to take advantage of business growth opportunities.

The benefits of Mincron solutions are far-reaching and comprehensive. Key advantages include the following:


  • Efficiency and productivity throughout your business
  • Powerful business Information processing, reporting and analysis
  • Integrated information-rich applications
  • Search and drill-down for quick information retrieval and data analysis
  • Multi-company transaction processing with built-in features and functionality in all applications
  • Windows-based, workbench-like user interface with one screen information management for immediate access and increased productivity
  • Simplified strategic processes for strengthened cash flow and optimized gross margin
  • Real-time integration of financial information from all applications and visibility (with appropriate security)
  • Inventory accuracy and replenishment to obtain high customer service levels and lower carrying costs
  • Enhanced customer service with system-wide access to full-featured CRM to manage new prospects, improve customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty
  • Seamless document and transaction handling with import/export capabilities throughout and the ability to print, fax, email, and EDI
  • Customizable applications for specific business needs


With Mincron, you’ll take control of your business so you can quickly and profitably execute your business strategies. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of partnering with Mincron.

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The Mincron Difference:

Simply put, Mincron is different. Among our competitors, we stand out for our singular focus on the wholesale distribution industry and our unwavering promise to put every customer’s success at the forefront of everything we do.

Service First - It’s How We Do Business

We know your success is not determined from 9-to-5. So we’re there for you when you need us — and when you call, you’ll speak to someone who knows you and your business. We’re a full-service solutions partner and our one-to-one, personalized service helps you get back to business to serve your own customers. We serve you first. It’s our promise. It’s how we work.

Long And Successful History - Our Experience Shows


You’ll benefit from the deep experience we’ve acquired over our 30-year history. Our distribution technology expertise, wholesaling business acumen, industry knowledge, and ability to quickly understand your needs and opportunities will be evident from our first meeting.

Complete Solutions - Powerful And Proven

Our SmartWare Solutions comprises flexible and complete solutions tailored to meet your individual business needs. Spanning the full range of ERP features and functionality with industry-specific capabilities, our software goes far beyond today’s industry standard. Mincron’s SmartDistributor; core solution provides mission-critical tools for efficient and effective management, monitoring and analysis of all facets of a distribution business. Based on customer need, complementary applications can be added to deliver powerfully integrated, distributor-specific features and functionality.

Loyal Customers - We’re Driven By Your Success

Our customers are our partners, and we work every day to earn their trust and respect with a diligent focus on their business. Our customer base includes wholesalers of all sizes — some of the largest in North America as well as small to medium sized businesses. Every one of our customers enjoys the same exceptional level of care and support. Over the course of our history, we’ve maintained an 88% customer retention rate — a true testament to our customers’ loyalty. We’re family. We’ve got your back. And, we help you get it done — expertly and reliably — every time.

Mincron - Distributor Driven, By Design

Your success drives our business, so we’re driven to help you succeed. With Mincron, you’ll be a partner in our product roadmap process. Drive your business with Mincron to increase your efficiency and grow — all with one complete solution and all under your control. By design, we put you first. Through design, we make you first.

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Successful Implementation

For your successful system implementation, Mincron executes its proprietary best practices Implementation Methodology and assigns you a deeply experienced and dedicated Implementation Team. This powerful combination of process and people truly sets us apart from other software vendors.

We know your ERP system purchase is just the beginning. With rigorous best practice processes, we make sure you’re on the path to success from “Day 1” and work closely with you to make sure you achieve your goals for years to come. A successful software system implementation phase is crucial to your success and requires an in-depth process – from installation and planning through rigorous testing and post-launch analysis–for a seamless transition and successful day-to-day operations of your business.

Mincron works with you every step of the way from initial planning through post-launch consultation to ensure you make the most of your distribution management system from day one. Our hands-on and collaborative approach gives you the unique benefit of learning from our experienced and dedicated team of experts throughout a highly personalized implementation process.

We take your success personally, and we’re committed to making your implementation a low cost investment for long term profitable ROI. We’ll make sure you get the service, tools and training you need to be successful from your system go-live and for many years to come.


Best Practices Implementation Methodology

Rigorous adherence to best practices ensures efficient and successful implementation that’s second to none.

An Experienced Dedicated Team

One-to-one, personal service from Mincron’s team of seasoned experts who know you and your business.

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Expert Training

Expert training is crucial to the success of your ERP system. Educating your personnel is a key step in your implementation process, and allows you can begin realizing the value of your ERP investment as soon as possible.

Mincron training employs best practices techniques and methodologies we’ve developed and fine-tuned over 30 years. Based on your needs and goals, we’ll guide you through the process of selecting courses, the best course formats, and we’ll recommend the appropriate trainees for each course.

Intensive, comprehensive and hands-on, our training will target your business needs, requirements and goals. This highly valuable custom training gives you and your team specialized course curricula and workshops to help you succeed from the beginning. Training activities accurately represent end users’ real world use of the system and the benefits are experienced first-hand by participants encouraging their enthusiastic early adoption of the software. Our instructors ensure that every student is learning the material, is able to apply the system features and functionality to perform their specific job functions, and comprehends how the system affects your distribution business as a whole.

Based on your criteria, we offer a variety of options for training venues and course formats including:

  • Mincron Training Center
  • On-Site Training
  • e-Learning


Mincron also offers “Train-the-Trainer” training for lead personnel in functional areas along with on-site operations training for day-to-day operational personnel. By developing expert, go-to resources internally for your business, you can quickly resolve questions, monitor any issues and reward a few select employees with increased knowledge and greater responsibility.

We’re committed to providing our customers world-class training for a successful implementation and throughout your relationship with us. Even long-term Mincron customers enjoy a number of exciting learning opportunities throughout each year:


  • Mincron Customer Roundtables
  • Annual User Conference instructional classes and new product workshops
  • Various ongoing training classes and support programs to help you analyze your utilization of the system and maximize your business opportunities

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Dedicated Support

Change isn’t easy, and the decision to install a new ERP system or upgrade your existing software is a significant business milestone. This makes it imperative that you receive the highest quality, personalized, ongoing customer assistance to ensure the long-term success of your business.

Mincron takes a comprehensive approach in providing you with exceptional support and service. We analyze your whole business, optimize your use of our solutions, and tailor our support to meet your specific needs.

First, you will be assigned an Account Manager with years of wholesale distribution experience. Your Account Manager will assist you throughout installation, implementation and training, will be on-site when you “go live,” and will remain committed to your account long-term. In addition to your Account Manager, you will also be assigned a dedicated Customer Service Representative to assist you with day-to-day questions and business solutions.

Our Customer Service Representatives are distribution professionals with many years of advanced technology expertise, industry knowledge and deep experience with Mincron applications. Throughout your relationship with Mincron, your Account Manager and your Customer Service Representative will work closely with you as an extension of your team to make sure our solutions and services are meeting your objectives.

We’re just a phone call away—24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We never outsource our support; our team is based in our corporate headquarters in Houston, Texas. We’re here when you need us, and when you call you’ll always speak with someone who knows you and your business.

Mincron customers have access to the following service benefits:


  • U.S.-based dedicated Customer Support
  • 24/7 telephone support
  • Mincron Webinars for new product introductions and enhancement updates
  • eLearning for online training and continuing education
  • Mincron SmartShare™ Customer Portal for Web-based resources, support requests and interactive forums to share experience and insights with other customers
  • Mincron User Group membership for conferences, roundtable discussions and ongoing participation in product feedback and roadmap development

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